You've been put in charge of creating a new community garden for your street and you're feeling the pressure to get it right! All the research you do on sustainable gardening before bed leads to a pretty strange dream... but maybe it's exactly what you need.


  • Click on arrow to continue dialogue
  • Use arrow keys to move player when prompted


This game was created for REGENERATE Game Jam - 48-hours of reimagining farming in games to focus on regenerative and sustainable practices. 

Jam Page:


Cozy Farm Asset Pack by Shubibubi:

Cozy People Asset Pack by Shubibubi:

Pixel Sky:


Yarn Spinner:



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This was cute and has a lot of potential for expanded gameplay. I really liked how you addressed self-doubt through narrative text. The controls were a bit unwieldly - keyboard AND click/drag is awkward to shift between.

The overall concept was really promising and I liked your take on the farming genre. We don't seen many games that focus on UI-based setup and I think that would be a fun niche to explore!

Music was very dreamy!

Thank you so much for playing and commenting! That's a great point about the controls, I might try a 'click to move' mechanic if I make a future game like this one.